Goa-Tamnar Transmission Project implements extensive afforestation drive across Goa

–   Planted a total of 9367 trees across various locations in Goa
–  Plantation drive conducted in coordination with the Forest Department and student community of Goa

Panjim, 13th January 2021: In line with its commitment to protect the rich biodiversity of the state of Goa, the Goa Tamnar Transmission Project Limited (GTTPL) has implemented an extensive afforestation drive across various locations in the region – Sankhli (Goa Institute of Management), Usgaon, Sangod, and Codar. As on date, GTTPL has planted a total of 9367 trees in the land allocated by the Goa Forest Department.

Power shortage is a major impediment for development and growth for Goa’s economy. The Goa Tamnar Transmission Project Limited (GTTPL) project is an Inter State Transmission System envisaged by Ministry of Power in 2015 to create an additional source of power for Goa and ensure that the region is self-sufficient in terms of energy requirements.

For the Sangod substation that the project is constructing, 2670 trees were cut on private land (substation) for which all necessary permissions were accorded by the Goa Forest Department. As per the compensatory afforestation rules of the Forest Department, GTTPL is expected to plant three times the number of trees felled, which stood at 8010. The project, however, has planted a total of 9367 trees which is more than what was mandated.

Further, the soil composition of the land provided by the Forest Department for the compensatory afforestation, was primarily laterite which was not conducive for tree plantation. GTTPL reclaimed this land through addition of a conducive topsoil and drip irrigation arrangements to ensure proper growth of all the fruit bearing trees planted as part of the plantation drive. 

GTTPL has also taken utmost caution and care, right from project planning to mitigation, to put together a thoughtfully optimized route for the 400kV Xeldem – Narendra LILO Transmission Line. The route was chosen to avoid the Mollem National Park completely and only involves a minimal unavoidable passage of 2.51 km through Bhagwan Mahaveer sanctuary.

The project will enhance the current power transmission capacity, quality and reliability which will boost industrial and commercial activities, especially the tourism industry.

About Goa Tamnar Transmission Project:
Goa Tamnar Transmission Project Limited (GTTPL) is an inter-state transmission system project envisaged by the Ministry of Power in 2015. The project is made up of five related but functionally independent power elements, as conceptualized by the Ministry of Power. These are:  400kV D/c Xeldem – Mapusa Transmission Line, 400/220kV Substation at Village Sangod, 220kV Xeldem – Xeldem Transmission Line, 400kV D/c Xeldem – Narendra Transmission LILO Line, and 765kV D/c Dharamjaigarh – Tamnar Transmission line. On completion, it will form a complete ring viz, Mapusa > Kolhapur > Narendra > Xeldem > Mapusa ensuring reliable power for both North and South Goa districts.
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